Tohoku quest airbag jump

When the snow has melted and left you all sad and mopey, get yourself to Tohoku Quest and use the off-season to boost your snowboard or ski air game. The newly replaced brush mats provide a true 'on-snow' feel, so you can lay proper edgework on your in-run. 

Teams needing to keep their skills on point for upcoming winter competition circuits should be training at Tohoku Quest. Owner, Takashi Nishida (former Olympic snowboarder, pro rider for Ride, DC, Spy) has the experience to know what the world's best snowboard training facility requires, and he's made it. The long, sloped airbag landings provide the safest, realest off-snow training opportunity. Staggered kicker sizes let riders progress the size of their tricks as they become comfortable. 

The facility caters to the whole spectrum of rider, from first timer kids, to uber-pros throwing their first triple corks on the XL Kicker. The XL kicker has a deck of 16 meters / 52+ feet, and a long, steep runout for safe progressive training. The takeoffs and kickers are built long and wide for a comfortable run in, and are shaped for ultimate trajectory and safety. 

Tohoku Quest is located in Murata Town, in the Tohoku area. Getting out of the hectic city and up to Quest will let you have a real Japanese experience; a nice bonus on your training trip. 


we can help

If you need assistance with your trip to Tohoku Quest, whether you're bringing a whole team or flying solo, we can help you out with accommodation, transport, dining, whatever you need to make sure your training trip yields the best results for you. Let us know what you need, and we'll make it work.

You can keep an eye the happenings on the Tohoku Quest Facebook page, and drop us a line if you need some English assistance via the contact form.